The Promotion of Health Education

Part of the mission of the Fako Foundation is the promotion of preventive healthcare via education. On December 30, 2015, the foundation organized its maiden Free Consultative Clinic, at the Bokwaongo Health Center, in Buea. For practical purposes the event was constituted into components or stations: Registration and biometric data collection and generation, blood analysis, pressure/pulse measurements, echography for pregnant women, general physical examination, prescriptions/recommendations, counseling, and freebies goodies.

The event was successful and well attended. Participants and attendees were limited to 150 for practical purposes. This was unfortunate as many had to be turned back. The foundation hopes to attend to a larger number next time. To assist the foundation in its efforts and endeavors, many well-wishers both solicited and non-solicited, were all hands on deck to ensure the event was a success.
health promotion 1

Some Organizers of the
Bokwaongo Free-Clinic: Front-Mojoko Matute-Pharmacist/USA, Dora
Eko/Clinical Pharmacist/UK, Iya Pauline Litumbe-Hill, FF-Management,
Enany Njie-Pharmacist/Cameroon, Dr. M. M. Matute-FF Management;
Back-Dr. S. B. Moki, FF-Management, Dr. Mina Eka Endeley-UK, Iya
Embelle Litumbe, FF- Management, Dr. Gerald Esunge Eko-UK

Dr. Peter Ndifor

Dr. Peter-Louis Ndifor a private practitioner in Limbe Cameroon did the Echography and some general consultation during the Free-Clinic
Medical Team

  1. Dr. Gerald Esunge Eko, UK
  2. Dr. Peter-Louis Ndifor,  Cameroon
  3. Dr. Mina Eka Endeley, UK
  4. Mrs. Enany Njie-Pharmacist, Cameroon
  5. Mrs. Dora Eko-Clinical Pharmacist (MRPharmacist), UK
  6. Mrs. Mariana Mojoko Matute-Pharmacist, USA
  7. The Oscar Lambe Diabetic Foundation-Provided the blood
    glucose testing services for the event: Mola Oscar Lambe,
    Pharmacist/Pharm.D; Mrs. Cornelia Lambe, RN; Ms. Sarah Lambe; Ms.
    Maltida Mwambo.
  8. Mr. Walters Teboh- Certified Nurse, Cameroon
  9. Mrs. Maureen Embelle Ekwe- Certified Nurse, Cameroon

Mr. Walters TebohMr. Walters Teboh, a Registered Nurse and the Chief of Center of the Bokwaongo Health Center, attending to participants at the Free-Health Clinic.

Gifts 1-2-horzThe freebies goodies station was the last station after the strictly medical stations during the clinic. This station was cherished by all but especially the children who got school supplies and toys. Little Miss Chloe Grzybinski of St. Louis, Missouri and friends were instrumental in making available these gifts.

patients1-2-3-horzParticipants at the Free-Clinic waiting to be attended to at the next station

Support Team

  1. Dr. Victor Mbome Njie, South West Regional Delegate of
    Health (Moral support and permission to use Health Center for the
  2. Mr. Walters Teboh, Chief of Center and other Nurses and
    Staff, Bokwaongo Health Center (Preparation of Health Center for the
    event and hands-on assistance during and after the event)
  3. Management Council, Bokwoango Health Center (Permission to
    use Health Center and provided refreshments to the foundation’s
  4. Mola Mbella Mbwaye, Staff Member, Bokwaongo Health Center
    (Hands-on-Assistance throughout all the phases of the free-clinic)
  5. Mrs.  Yoti Bodylawson, Pharmacist with the
    Southwest Delegation of Health and close collaborator of the Regional
  6. Iya Nalova Mokake, CRTV Station Manager Buea (Moral
    support, announcements and interviews)
  7. Catholic Church Bokwaongo, Presbyterian Church Likoko
    Membea, Presbyterian Church Bokwaongo, Baptist Church Bokwaongo
    (assisted with the publicity)
  8. The Chief of Likoko Membea and the Chief of Bokwaongo
    (assisted with publicity via town criers)
  9. Mola Stephen Mokondo Moki (Videographer and Journalist that
    covered the event)
  10. The Grzybinski Family (They provided the children’s goodies
    for the freebies station; Mr. Eric Grzybinski, Mrs. Carol Grzybinski,
    and Chloe Grzybinski and friends)
  11. The Slovacek family, the Hill family, and  friends
    at the Mallickrodt Pharmaceuticals in St. Louis, Missouri (provided the
    adult clothes, bags, and other supplies distributed at the freebies
    goodies station)
  12. Mrs. Christy Efosi Kinge( Ready hand at the (Freebies
  13. Professor Paul Musonge (Moral support and refreshments)
  14. Mola Njoh Litumbe (Moral support)
  15. Mola John Mokake Endeley – Former Mayor of Buea (Moral
  16. Mola Ndiva Lisinge (Hands-on assistance and errands)
  17. Mola Moluwa Mokake (Canopies, chairs, and tables)
  18. Mola Mafany Mokake (Canopies, chairs, and tables)

Youths and Children who manned the Freebies Goodies Station and Water Distribution

  1. Frederick Eko
  2. John-Allen Hill-also served as a photographer documenting the event
  3. Mavita Matute
  4. Dora Eko
  5. Malingo Matute
  6. Sarah Hill
  7. Moname Matute

The Fako Foundation Management Team present: Dr. Samuel B. Moki, Mrs. Pauline Litumbe-Hill, Iya Embelle Litumbe, and Dr. M. M. Matute; and the team members who could not be present Mola Samuel Moka Moliki and Dr. Augustine Evelle Kange, are collectively grateful to all these fine men, women, youths and children, who came out in support of the foundation’s activities to ensure a successful launch.

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