Preventive Healthcare

The best medical practices should include preventive care components. In the long run it is less expensive, proactive, and ensures a healthier people. The foundation therefore seeks to engage in preventive healthcare especially in Fakoland, with the hope of reaching as many Fakolanders as possible before any possible ailments of theirs get to the stage where expensive treatment is required and or get to advanced stages that leads to less productive functioning.
The areas the foundation will focus on will include:

  1. Free-Open-Clinics: The foundation will engage in free-clinic activities especially in rural Fako areas. The medical teams in the free-open-clinics will include physicians, nurses, pharmacists, medical laboratory technicians, biologists, and other necessary personnel. Such clinics will include counselling and the distribution of wellness pamphlets designed to specifically meet the needs of the target population.
  2. Educational Health Lectures: The foundation realizes that the empowerment with the relevant knowledge is key to preventing ailments and is key also in the management of illnesses already acquired. Consequently, the foundation will organize health related lectures or talks in small rural settings to address immediate medical concerns that maybe prevailing in the locale and / or that may not be prevailing but have a future potential of being of concern. Such series will also address the proper management of already existing medical conditions. While such lectures will be presented to small groups assembled in villages and /or small towns, there will also be the possibilities of one-on-one sessions.
  3. Basic Health Supplies: Healthcare facilities in rural Fakoland, for the most part seem to lack some basic instruments that enable them to carry out simple diagnosis of immediately treatable ailments, if caught early. The foundation will seek to forestall this problem by supplying to healthcare facilities in need, simple, efficient, easy to use, high tech, instruments that would be used for diagnostic purposes. These instruments will be used for the diagnosis of those who maybe already ill and for those wanting a routine check. Such services will be free of charge to all. Aside testing instruments, other basic needs will be supplied as the case maybe that assist these health facilities operate smoothly and make clients stay and visits tolerable and comfortable.

The foundation will partner with anyone, any group, and any organization-public/private, that shares our vision, to achieve these goals. The Bakweris say “a load carried by two is not heavy”.