Promotion of Culture

  • In May 2016, the First Fako Music Festival was held in Muyuka, Fakoland.
  • The Fako Foundation was a co-sponsor of this memorable and historic event. This was a partnership between the Foundation and Tata Kinge aka King’a Vio-Vio, a promoter of the Fako Culture, an Artist and a Musician.
  • This festival was the first of its kind, meant to bring together the richness of some aspects of the Fako Culture via dance, choral songs, games, and oral traditions. Click here for Festival Images.

Supporting and Promoting Educational Excellence


  1. August 2016: The Wonya-Lyonga Buea Awards
  • The Foundation awarded its second batch of Scholarships and Academic Financial Assistance to deserving Fako Students. Awards were made to pupils and students from the Primary and Secondary Schools, and at the Tertiary level to undergraduate and graduate students. The award ceremony was hosted at the WonyaLyonga Community Hall, in Buea Town.
  • Over 66% of the awards were based on academic excellence and therefore targeted students at the university levels; the rest of the awards were supportive in nature, focusing on early formation education in preparation for academic excellence; the recipients of these awards also received certificates of honor/recognition.
  • The awards received are renewable automatically until the awardee completes the course/program of study. The recipient must however maintain the initial grade point average (GPA) considered for the award or better.
  • Competitive academic awards were received mostly by students of the University of Buea (UB) and the Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB); on the other hand, most recipients of the academic financial assistance were from the Government Technical College (GTC), Bova, Government High School/GHS, Buea, and Presbyterian School (PS), Buea Town.
  • The full and complete report of the activities and awards ceremony as reported by our ground Journalist Mola Mokondo Moki can been accessed here.
  • The foundation is grateful to our ground Coordinator, Mola Ndiv’a Lisinge, for organizing a successful and a well-attended awards ceremony and obtaining the clearance that was needed by the government; the foundation is also grateful to the Wonya-Lyonga Village Community Hall, Management Team, for letting the foundation use their hall for the awards. Pictures of the Award Ceremony can be found here.
  • The sponsors that made these awards possible are as follows: Dr. Samuel Belsham Moki and Iya Jackie Belsham Moki, Dr. Augustine Evella Kange and Iya Claudia Evella Kange, Mola Samuel Moka Moliki and Iya Kathleen Moka, Iya Embelle Litumbe and Master Yohan Ekese Litumbe, Iya Pauline Liengu Litumbe-Hill and Mola Roy Hill, Dr. Frederick Ngomba Eko and Iya May Ngomba Eko, Dr. Martin Moluwa Matute and Iya Mariana Mojoko Matute.
  • Click Here For A Complete List Of Scholarship Awardees.

September 2016: The Salem Baptist Church Awards

  • The Foundation renewed Scholarships and Academic Financial Assistance awards as a continuation of awards initially made in 2015. The renewed awards were for Fako Pupils and Students associated with the Salem Baptist Church, in Lower Bolifamba (Mile 16), Buea.
  • The award covers tuition/school fees; registration for national exams e.g. First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC), General Certificate of Education (GCE)-Ordinary and Advanced Levels, and other technical/professional exams; school supplies e.g. books (texts/exercise), writing materials, school bags, and school wear.
  • These awards are in Memory of Pastor Edward Matute ma Mbonde and Coach John Livena Matute
  • These awards are a partnership with Professor Paul Musonge-the JNE Foundation
  • Our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Pastor Nafenda Ekwe and Mrs. Embelle Matute-Ekwe of the Salem Baptist Church, Mile 16, Buea. They are the ground administrators and managers of these awards. Click Here For The Complete List Of Awardees.