Annual Reports

The foundation will post on its website a report of annual activities and accomplishments. A brief summary of such reports will be posted on the e-group ‘lilo-la-phako’ as a public interest post. This post will have an active link that when clicked will lead directly to the full report.
The annual report page will contain only summaries of the reported events/accomplishments. Each section of a summary will have links to the full-report. Full reports will have details of the event/accomplishment which will include pictures and sometimes video clips. Annual reports will include a write-up from the foundation and possibly another contribution from a journalist who covered the event on the ground.
Annual reports are categorized according to their years, providing readers with options, via a selective process.

The foundation has a dedicated management/leadership team and therefore limitation to annual accomplishments can only be due to lack of funds and /or in cases where the local situation does not permit.