Infrastructure Development

Knowledge is power and education empowers a people. The development and social evolution of a people is founded on education. The continuous advancement of Fakolanders is therefore rooted in holistic education. The foundation thus sees the continuous education of the Fakolanders as a priority that encompasses all in the socio-cultural spectrum.
The foundation therefore has as a main goal the advancement and promotion of educational excellence in Fako, via the following:

  1. Scholarships: Scholarships based on academic performance will be awarded yearly to Fako students who excel in their academics. Scholarships will be limited to tertiary/university education only. Once a scholarship is awarded it is maintained until the recipient completes the course of study for which it was awarded.
  2. Academic Financial Assistance: These awards are mostly for Fako pupils who are in primary, secondary, and high schools. The awards will provide funds that will enable them continue and complete their studies, so as to apply for scholarships in the near future. These awards cover all kinds of training at these levels, technical, general education, vocational, etc.
  3. Basic School Supplies: Supplies will include individual learning needs, classroom needs, and teacher needs. Such supplies will be meant to make the learning experience conducive while assuring a quality education.
  4. Infrastructure Development: A conducive learning environment is priceless. The classroom for learning from the floor to the walls and unto the roof; chairs and tables for students and teachers, legible writing boards, lighting, etc. are all essentials. Also outside the classroom hygienic and gastronomic accommodations, are all necessities that make the learning process conducive and fun.

The foundation will partner with anyone, any group, and any organization-public/private, that shares our vision, to achieve these goals. The Bakweris say “a load carried by two is not heavy”.