Culture Promotion

Fakoland stretches from the Atlantic Ocean (to the south) to the Mount Fako (to the north). Fakolanders are therefore Coastal (or Szrawa), Forest, and Mountain, peoples. They are therefore a people that embody a rich and diverse culture, difficult to completely grasp and too vast to completely comprehend. As with other societies, the indigenous traditional cultures of the Fakolanders (the Wapkwes) are fast disappearing and with the passing of all those very proud Fakolanders who were custodians of the Fako Culture, by virtue of age, position in the society, or just for the pure love of the Fako Culture, the need to do something to promote and preserve the Fako Culture, therefore becomes an imperative.
The foundation seeks to preserve and promote the Fako Culture, in the following manner:

  1. Competitions: Organize group and individual competitions in areas such as singing, dancing, short stories, poetry, language, oral/written history, and other socio-cultural aspects of the Fako people.
  2. Mokpwe Schools: Organize school-like activities as evening/day classes in which the Mokpwe language and other aspects of the Fakolanders will be taught by elders and experts in the respective domains.
  3. Annual Events: Organize annual competitions of any aspect s of the Fako Culture open to the public. Such events will also be meant to serve as entertainment and educational

In the promotion of culture, the foundation will place equal emphasis in the USA/Diaspora as will be in Fakoland.
The foundation will partner with anyone, any group, and any organization-public/private, that shares our vision, to achieve these goals.