The Fako Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors of up to 5 persons including the President who serves ex-officio as a member of the Board. Each Board of Director member serves a four-year term and is eligible for re-election. Board members are not term-limited. The Fako Foundation’s Board of Directors play a critical role in setting the policy and strategic direction of the foundation.

The Fako Foundation’s decision-making approach and its execution of projects and activities are designed to enhance interaction between the leadership team and the foundation’s partners. This approach is to foster collaboration and productivity that serves to improve on the goals and mission of the foundation as outlined in its founding documents (Articles of incorporation, By-laws, etc.).


The Fako Foundation Board of Directors:

The Fako Foundation’s Board of Directors set the foundation’s policy, elect it’s Chair, appoint officers, and delegate policy or execution to those officers. (Read about the Board of Directors).


The Fako Foundation Executive Officers:

The Board of Directors appoint the usual slate of executive officers. Executive Officer positions are all unpaid volunteers, and serve at the direction of the board in their specific areas of responsibility. Executive Officers are responsible both for managing the Foundations affairs in their specific areas, as well as reporting bi-annual status reports back to the board (Read about The Fako Foundation Executive Officers).