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Fako Foundation Incorporated is a Not-For-Profit Corporation of Fako Indigenes, Friends and Partners. A main goal of our Corporation is the promotion of Academic Excellence among students in Fakoland (Fako Division). We are also interested in assisting those who may not necessary be excelling currently in their studies but who have the potential to do so.

Consequently, for the school year 2015-2016, we will be making two categories of wards:

  1. Scholarships: Based strictly on academic excellence as reflected primarily by the cumulative grade point averages (CGPAs) and other secondary aspects e.g. letters of recommendation, community service record, etc. These awards are very competitive. Successful candidates will receive an award equivalent to their tuition for one academic year. The tuition amount will be based on the University of Buea, (Cameroon) Scale. An awardee’s scholarship will be maintained or continued each year until the recipient graduates, provided the awardee maintains the original CGPA that came with the initial award, or attains a better CGPA. The Scholarship award is limited to students enrolling or already enrolled in a University or Other Tertiary Institution: For Freshman Students (enrolling), the equivalent of their CGPA will be calculated from the General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (G.C.E O-Level) and their General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (G.C.E A-Level ) OR their respective equivalents as the case maybe. For returning students (already enrolled) their CGPA will be based on their performance during the 2014-2015 academic year.
  2. Academic Financial Assistance: This award is meant for students who require some financial assistance in order to continue with their schooling; funds to pay and then take some national/final  exam at the end of a course of study or an exam to enable them proceed to another level or program of study;  the purchase of some academic supplies, etc. This award is open to potential applicants from all levels of schooling. In the establishment of a preferential scale for awards, previous academic performance maybe taken into consideration, during the selection process. The amount of each award will primarily depend on the availability of funds but also other factors like level of studies, program of studies, year of study, involvement in community service, etc. To apply for this category of awards, proof of financial hardship will be required. Financial Assistance will be maintained each year until graduation (as the case maybe) provided the conditions that led to the initial award still prevail.

Other Information

Multiple Applications: Consideration for any category of award is not automatic. An application for one category will not be automatically transferred onto another category because of non-qualification for a certain category. Consequently, the foundation will accept applications covering both award categories from a single individual, if the potential applicant thus desire.

Eligibility: All Fako Indigenous Students studying in Cameroon are eligible to apply. For an applicant to claim Fakoland Origins at least one of the biological or adopted parents must be an Indigene of Fakoland. This will be verified from the birth certificate submitted or any other related document.

Application Forms: Application forms are obtainable only from the foundation’s website: and specifically underneath the Projects tab.

Submitting Application Forms: There are two options. You could either apply directly online or download the application form and then upload/email it later. Either way all submissions are done online or electronically via the foundation’s website or sent to the selection committee via email at: Late submissions will not be considered.
Application Forms:

To complete and submit your application, select from the listing below, accordingly:


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