2015 Projects

Fako Foundation Projects 2015: Acknowledgements and Appreciation The below presentation is a summary of the […]


Basic School Supplies


The Promotion of Health Education

Part of the mission of the Fako Foundation is the promotion of preventive healthcare via […]



The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction at an institution of learning results in […]

Culture Promotion

Fakoland stretches from the Atlantic Ocean (to the south) to the Mount Fako (to the […]

Preventive Healthcare

The best medical practices should include preventive care components. In the long run it is […]


The Fako Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors of up to 5 persons […]


The Fako Foundation, Inc will be led and managed by two bodies. The Board of Directors (Policy) and the Executive (execution and daily management).

Members of the Board of Directors

  1. Samuel Belsham Moki, PhD: Chair, Maryland
  2. Samuel Moka Moliki: Georgia
  3. Pauline Liengu Litumbe-Hill: Missouri
  4. Augustine Evelle Kange, PhD: Minnesota
  5. Martin Moluwa Matute, PhD: Arkansas
  6. Embelle Litumbe, Florida
  7. Mariana Mojoko Matute, Arkansas

Members of the Executive

  1. Martin Moluwa Matute, PhD: President, Arkansas
  2. Augustine Evelle Kange, PhD: Secretary, Minnesota
  3. Pauline Liengu Litumbe-Hill: Treasurer, Missouri
  4. Embelle Litumbe: Web Technologist, Florida
  5. George N’diva Lisinge, Fakoland


  1. Sally Endeley
  2. Jacqueline Moki

Fakoland Members

  1. Mola Prince Charles Effungany Endeley Endeley
  2. Mola Rev. Pastor Hansen Nafende Ekwe

Annual Reports

The foundation will post on its website a report of annual activities and accomplishments. A […]

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Undergraduate Application

To complete your application online, Click Here To download your application and submit later, Click […]

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The Fako Foundation – The People Of Fakoland

The Fako Foundation

We are pleased to announce the creation and existence of a new Fako Organization “The Fako Foundation”.

The Fako Foundation is a registered and incorporated 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Organization. Its charitable services will be focused mainly in Fakoland, though other areas with needs in the USA and beyond may also be served.

In Fakoland, The Fako Foundation will focus its efforts in promoting academic excellence through scholarships and education infrastructure development; the promotion of the Mokpwe Culture and, Preventive Healthcare, primarily through education in rural areas. The Fako Foundation’s activities are meant to complement and expand on existing efforts and to initiate new endeavors where needed.

More information about the Fako Foundation could be found at www.fakofoundation.org. The development of this site is in progress.

The current management team of the Foundation is as follows:
1. Samuel Belsham Moki, PhD: Maryland (Board Chair)
2. Samuel Moka Moliki: Georgia (Board member)
3. Pauline Liengu Litumbe-Hill: Missouri (Treasurer/Board member)
4. Augustine Evelle Kange, PhD: Minnesota (Secretary/Board member)
5. Mariana Mojoko Matute: Arkansas (Board Member)
6. George Ndiv’a Lisinge: Fakoland (Cameroon Project Director)
7. Embelle Litumbe: New Jersey (Web Technologist)
8. Martin Moluwa Matute, PhD: Arkansas (President/Board member)

Although The Fako Foundation is a new organization, the management team and its partners have a lot of experience carrying out charity services. The Fako Foundation is a re-branding and expansion of those services.

The Fako Foundation website – www.fakofoundation.org and other social and internet Medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Lilo-La-Phako etc. will be used to communicate the Foundation’s messages to Fakolanders and the rest of the world.

We will be partnering with individuals, groups, organizations, corporations, etc., to realize our mission. We look forward to working with you as a partner, as the foundation strives to bring about a brighter future for Fakolanders.

Eyole eweh na Wakpwe (Peace to the People of Fako)

Martin Moluwa Matute, PhD                                                                             Samuel Belsham Moki, PhD
President                                                                                                                Chairman of the Board