The empowerment of a people or a region is a collective effort. Different organizations or interest groups normally pick an aspect in a population and then seek to assist in that domain as much as possible and in accordance with their mission.
Often times then, there is some overlap in the activities of different interest groups in a region/people. Other times though, there are individuals or interest groups that may potentially assist in the development of a region/people but are not able to for various reasons.
The foundation will seek therefore to partner with others in the following areas:

  1. Promoting Educational Excellence: Fako students will benefit from scholarships and academic financial assistance at all levels of studies; the foundation will provide basic school supplies to needy schools; the foundation will also be involved in infrastructure development especially in rural schools.
  2. Culture Promotion: The foundation will be engaged in the preservation and promotion of the diverse Fako Culture, in various forms, competitions, ‘schools’, and annual events.
  3. Preventive Healthcare: Efforts will be geared towards preventing ill-health conditions from materializing, managing existing conditions for a comfortable life. This will be achieved via health education lectures/talks, free-open-clinics, basic supplies of instruments for easy diagnosis available to all without cost.

To achieve these goals, the foundation welcomes partnerships. Partners could be individuals, groups, organizations, industry, and/or governmental entities. The foundation will welcome partners partnering with them and the foundation will also partner with others to realize similar goals.
Our partners/sponsors will be duly recognized and acknowledged, accordingly.