Our main focus is working in partnership towards the realization of a brighter future in Fako. Our primary goals are as follows:

  • Education: Promote Educational Excellence among Fako Indigenous Students in the form of Scholarships, Academic Financial Assistance, School Infrastructure Development, and Basic School Supplies.
  • Culture: Be partners in efforts geared towards the promotion and sustenance of key aspects that relate to the Fako Culture and Traditions. This will take the form of competitions (individual and group), Assistance with Organization, and Initiating Preservation Efforts.
  • Preventive Healthcare: Productivity and health are directly related. We aim at increased productivity in Fakoland by actively engaging in the promotion and improvement of the health status of Fako Indigenes especially thus in rural areas. We will achieve this primarily through Healthcare Education that focuses on preventive measures and then also assist in basic medical supplies.

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