2020 Annual Report of Activities

The Fako Foundation Incorporated, has a Three-Front Mission

  • Promoting Educational Excellence and Supporting Scholarly Efforts
  • Promoting and Preserving the Fako (Mokpwe) Culture, and
  • Supporting and Sustaining Healthcare

In line with the mission and goals of the Fako Foundation, Incorporated, the year 2020 was judged to be another successful year based on the projects accomplished. This year 2020, there was an emphasis on primary education as schooling activities had just resumed after 4 years of school closures.

The year 2020 was another successful year for the Foundation as all intended projects were accomplished and on time. The sponsors and managers of the foundation in the USA and in Fakoland made this possible. These project activities were aired several times by Radio Bonakanda a rural radio station in Fakoland.

The following projects were successfully executed

  1. Education Projects

a. Academic Financial Assistance for Tertiary Education

  • Mola Victor Moleke of Wokwaongo (Bokwaongo), now resident in Szro-vo ya szrali (Small Soppo) received academic financial assistance to enable him continue and complete his degree studies in his chosen field of study.
  • The funds provided to Mola Victor Moleke was to be used for the 2020/2021 academic year
  • At the end of the academic year Mola Moleke is expected to provide the foundation with proof of study and how exactly the funds received were used
  • The recipient is also expected to do some community service of his selection as his own way of giving back to the society

b. Cameroon Baptist Convention Primary School

  • The CBC Salem Baptist Church Primary School Mile 16 Gbwea (Buea) were recipients of three awards as the Fako Foundation partnered with the Church, via their Pastor, Mola Rev. Hansen Nafende Ekwe
  • Based on the recommendations of the Head Teacher and his teaching team, crucial textbooks needed for teaching in each class, were identified. These textbooks were those that were directly required to prepare the pupils of the school for the Common Entrance Exam and First School Leaving Certificate Exam. From Class 1 to Class 6, each class was provided with the required textbooks for use by the respective teachers, in the instructing of their respective classes. A total of 98 pupils of the school benefitted from this gesture.
  • Of the 98 pupils registered in the school at the time of the awards, 18.4% (18 /98) were unable to pay their registration fees. The foundation paid the registration fees for the pupils whose parents could not afford to.
  • Considering the continuous and present dangers of the SARS2 COVID-19 pandemic, masks were provided to all pupils and teachers of the school in an effort to limit the transmission of the deadly virus

c. Internally Displaced Primary School at CDC Cottage, Tikuwa (Tiko)

  • Tiko Internally Displaced Primary School is not a name of a school but rather a description of the school. Due to the ongoing crises in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon, many families have been displaced and they head to areas where they can find safety. The children of such families are unable to attend school even when schools re-opened because they could not afford the basics to attend elementary school and or the elementary or primary schools in their new environment could not accommodate them. In Tikuwa (Tiko), some teachers came together determined to teach these children without schools and a parent offered a structure that could be used as a classroom for teaching. This structure graciously made available to these Internally Displaced Pupils, lacked all the basics required for teaching and all the basics needed for a learning environment.
  • The Fako Foundation thus provided the following as a start-up to a basic learning environment: Seating Benches for the pupils, Chair and table for the teachers, an Instructing board and accessories (chalk, erasers/dusters), a storage cupboard for school supplies and other academic materials, and exercise books
  • To limit the spread of the SARS2 COVID-19 pandemic, masks were also provided to all pupils and teachers of the IDP Cottage, Tiko School.
  • An estimated 70 Internally Displaced Needy Pupils benefitted from this endeavor
  • For pictures and video for this event visit: www.fakofoundation.org/Education/2020

2. Public Health Project

  • The Bokwaongo Integrated Health Center was the focus of the foundation’s 2020 health concerns. It was the second time the Bokwaongo Integrated Health Center had benefitted from the Foundation’s health focus, the first being in 2015, when the Foundation was launched.
  • The Health Center was in dire need of a good quality operative microscope in their laboratory for diagnostic purposes. The importance of a proper diagnosis need not be overemphasized in healthcare management and treatment.
  • The foundation provided the Bokwaongo Integrated Health Center with a State-of-the arts quality compound binocular light microscope and accompanying accessories (glass slides, coverslips, pipets, etc). The diagnostic capabilities of the microscope provided include blood, stool, sputum, urine, and tissue, samples.

3. Internally Displaced Families and Persons in Need

  • In collaboration with the CBC Salem Baptist Church in Mile 16, Buea and by efforts led by the Pastor of the Church, Rev. Hansen Nafende Ekwe, internally displaced families and other persons that were in dire need of financial assistance were identified and modest cash awards given to them.
  • A total of 8 Internally Displaced Families were identified as needing assistance. Differential amounts as determined by the leadership of the Church based on levels of need were distribute to these 8 families
  • Two families (persons) that were not necessarily IDPs but deemed as needing some financial assistance as determined by the leadership of the CBC Salem Baptist, also received modest cash awards.

Gratitude and appreciation to the following fine Nyangos and Szrangos

Fako Foundation Members and Financial Contributors

  1. Mola Dr. Samuel Belsham Moki, Maryland
  2. Mola Chief Dr. Augustine Evella Kange, Minnesota
  3. Mola Samuel Moka Moliki, Georgia, USA
  4. Nyango Pauline Liengu Litumbe-Hill, Missouri
  5. Nyango Sally Endeley, Minnesota
  6. Nyango Jacqueline Moki, Maryland
  7. Nyango Embelle Litumbe, Florida
  8. Nyango Mariana Mojoko Matute, Arkansas
  9. Mola Dr. Martin Moluwa Matute, Arkansas

Fakoland Team

  1. Mola Prince Charles Effungany Endeley Endeley, Representative of the FF President
  2. Mola Rev. Pastor Hansen Nafende Ekwe, Partnership with CBC Salem Baptist Church & Primary School, Mile 16, Buea
  3. Mola Francis Mbela Lysinge, IDP Tiko School Liaison
  4. Mola Augen Linonge, Photographer & Videographer
  5. Mola Molombe, Journalist, Radio Bonakanda
  6. Mola George Ndiv’a Lisinge, FF Director of Projects, Fakoland

This Foundation depends on their generosity, support, and time, and for that, they are greatly appreciated.

Click here for the link to the full report including pictures and videos. www.fakofoundation.org/2020/Report

Eyole na Wakpwe

Peace be with the Fakolanders

M. M. Matute, Ph.D.

President, the Fako Foundation Incorporated