The Fako Foundation, Inc will be led and managed by two bodies. The Board of Directors (Policy) and the Executive (execution and daily management).

Members of the Board of Directors

  1. Samuel Belsham Moki, PhD: Chair, Maryland
  2. Samuel Moka Moliki: Georgia
  3. Pauline Liengu Litumbe-Hill: Missouri
  4. Augustine Evelle Kange, PhD: Minnesota
  5. Martin Moluwa Matute, PhD: Arkansas

Members of the Executive

  1. Martin Moluwa Matute, PhD: President, Arkansas
  2. Augustine Evelle Kange, PhD: Secretary, Minnesota
  3. Pauline Liengu Litumbe-Hill: Treasurer, Missouri
  4. Embelle Litumbe: Web Technologist, Florida